Ausschreibung im Rahmen des gemeinsamen Carnot-Fraunhofer Programms (PICF) 2011

France and Germany share a common vision and instruments for the development of technological research. Carnot institutes (IC) and Fraunhofer institutes (FhI) are institutes dedicated to the development and transfer of science and technology to the benefit of the economy and society.

The goals of the German-French collaborative research and innovation projects between Fraunhofer Institutes (FhI) and Carnot Institutes (IC) are:

* Enhance scientific leadership on national and international R&D.

* Prepare the transfer of technology and knowledge to industry.

* Create long-term strategic French-German alliances between excellent research organizations.

Following the French-German Forum for Research 2008, the ANR and the BMBF agreed, in a Memorandum of Understanding, on a 3 years joint-programme, funding German-French collaborative research and innovation projects between the FhI and the IC. Although the Fraunhofer-Carnot Cooperation is concentrated on thematic areas of energy, environment, health, civil security, transport and information and communication technology, the call opening on 10th May 2011 is not limited to these areas.

Deadline for submission of proposals: 13/07/2011

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Zuständig für Frankreich : Sylvie Niessen
Zuständig für Deutschland: Dominique Buoncuore