Ausschreibungen „Agreenskills“

Im Ramen des Programms „Agreenskills“ werden Nachwuchsforscher gesucht, die an einem Aufenthalt in Frankreich interessiert sind oder aus Frankreich kommen.



Agreenskills is an open call for projects for young researchers (post docs) going to France, and coming from France.


Agreenskills is being launched by Agreenium a consortium of research and higher education organizations specialized in agriculture. Agreenium consortium gathers two research organizations INRA and CIRAD (specialized in tropical agronomy), and four higher education institutions: Agroparistech (the agricultural university of Paris Grignon), Montpellier Supagro (the same in Montpellier), Agro Campus Ouest (the same in western France, in Rennes), and ENVT, the Veterinary university of Toulouse.


The call concerns ingoing and outgoing postdocs with France. The candidates have to present a research project and to choose a lab (in any of the six organization gathered in Agreenium). The call is opened permanently during four years, which means that the candidates can present a project at any moment of the year. There will be two selection periods each year during the same four years. A new call shall highly probably be launched after these four years.


The salaries are very attractive due to the fact that Agreenskills is a co-funded program (with the European Commission within the frame of the FP7 People “CO-FUND” program), Europe adding a “plus” to the grants given by the French part, which helps to raise a very high standard.


The candidates will find on Agreenskills portal,, some tools which will help them to find a lab (support in finding the appropriate lab is available online) , and if they have difficulties, the Agreenskills team will help them also into that path. Do not forget to forward this mail to researchers of your institution who have had, yet, collaborations with INRA teams.


In 2012, 2 selection rounds will take place, and the cutting dates for applications are May 15 and November 15.


Applications must be submitted through the online secure application system in the AgreenSkills web portal.


Another suggestion is to become more familiar with the organizations priorities, and for that purpose, to consult their web sites.

–          For INRA: (pay particularly attention to INRA’s metaprograms)

–          For Agreenium: (you will find all the other organizations websites addresses on this site).





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